Mr. Rhett Ladner


Superintendent of Education

Mr. Rhett Ladner is a graduate of Hancock North Central, Pearl River Community College,
and the University of Southern Mississippi where he earned a Master’s Degree in
Educational Leadership. He is a 28-year veteran educator who has spent 21 years of that
time as a K-12 administrator. He served as Assistant Superintendent in the Pascagoula-
Gautier School District and the Perry County School District; and as a Principal of Beaumont
Elementary (K-8), Perry Central High, Hancock High, Lumberton Elementary, Vancleave
Middle, and Vancleave High schools. In all of these settings, he was successful at raising
academic levels and improving school cultures.

He has been inducted into the 2017 Jostens Renaissance Hall of Fame, and recognized as
2017 Jackson County Administrator of the Year, 2013 Jostens Renaissance National
Educator of the Year, 2012 Mississippi 4 th Congressional District Administrator of the Year,
2012 Hancock County Administrator of the Year, and 2007 and 2006 Perry County
Administrator of the Year.

It is his belief that, as educators, “We must change the world for the better through our
everyday work in our schools. Our schools and classrooms are the nests nurturing our
world’s future, which depends on the investment we make in each student.” Mr. Ladner’s
lifelong dream is to be a part of the innovative leadership team of the Hancock County
School District to be the #1 school district in the State of Mississippi.