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2. Submittal Procedure

a. Proposals
Proponents must submit one (1) printed original, signed in ink, and sealed. Proponents may elect to
either personally deliver, or mail, their proposals to:
Hand, FedEx, UPS Delivery
Hancock County School District
Attn: VoIP RFP
17304 HWY 603
Kiln, MS 39556

b. Proposal Format
All proposals should be electronically generated, and the printed original signed in ink. Proposals need
not be submitted in elaborate or expensive binders. Legibility, clarity, and completeness are important
and essential. Electronic bids can be submitted at For any questions relating
to the electronic bidding process, please call Central Bidding at 225-810-4814

The deadline for the submittal of proposals is no later than June 1st, 2020 at 10:00 AM.
Proponents may submit their proposals at any time prior to the above stated deadline. Failure to submit
the required number of copies by this deadline may be subject for disqualification from the RFP process.

We currently have Brocade switches, and would prefer the PoE switches for the phone system to incorporate into our network for easier manageability. We would prefer to have switches, instead of PoE adapters.

Site Survivability: We want a phone system at every site so that if one phone system goes down, they should be able to flip to another system. If the internet circuit goes down, we will need a POTS line to remain at the schools and the district office so that external calls can be made for emergency purposes.

The new system needs to use SIP. The PRIs can run on the current system until the cut-over.

Support Contract: We would like a 5 year support contract upfront.

The intercom system at our East Hancock Elementary location is a Rauland Borg TC2100 TELECENTER SYSTEM and not a Valcom system like the other locations.

We do not have any extra POE Brocade Switches, so you will need to provide the POE switches to incorporate into our network. All existing cable at the locations is Cat5.

Many of the phones can be a common type, except for the front offices of the schools. Please give them phones (at least QTY of 2) that will make it easier to page into the rooms, etc. Also, I would like a conference style phone for each location as well. Our SPED department has also requested a wireless phone, which is located at the Alternative School.

No minimum number is needed, but please be aware of the needs of a front office staff when trying to page into the rooms.

The current two PRI locations are at South Hancock Elementary and the Hancock County School District Central Office. There are several POTS lines, I’ve attached them in a PDF called “POTS AND PRI HCSD”. The locations with question marks out besides them are addresses that AT&T provided us, but those are not our exact addresses. I’ve placed which locations are nearest to those addresses. POTS AND PRI HCSD

At least 2 per elementary. At least 4 at the Middle School. At least 6 at the high school. At least 4 at our district office. The Career Tech, Alternative School and Transportation Office is at our High School Location, I would like for each of those places to at least have 1. I would say in total, at least 25 concurrent call paths for the district if everything else was to fail and to go into survivable mode. If this number is too low or too high, please feel free to explain and adjust as needed.

No, it does not, but it would be nice to see as an added feature. Redundancy will always make our job easier in the long run.

Not required, but I could see my Principals at the schools wanting to utilize this in the event of a shut-down like the Coronavirus.

There is not a need. You can either do the standard 24 button sidecars like they have now, or do the attendant console if you would like.

 I would much rather a PoE switch that incorporates well with our Brocade switches, as I really don’t want to have the headache of having a bunch of PoE injectors in a closet and having to track them down. If you were to do a PoE injector solution, every one of them would need to be priced out.

Yes, all phones will be on their own Ethernet drops. We do pass through some of our computers data through the phone in some offices. We do have a separate VLAN for phones.

I have provided maps of all of our schools for those that will not be able to attend the walk-through and I have marked the switch closet locations at every school. 

The only buildings missing from these maps is our district office which has one switch closet and currently two trailers behind it with a regular switch in each (doesn’t have PoE switches), our Alternative school which has one switch closet, our Transportation building which has one switch closet and our maintenance department building which will only need a PoE injector instead of a PoE switch as they only have one phone and I do not want to waste the cost of an entire PoE switch on it.

I forgot to mention on addendum #6 that we also have a new field house at our high school that will need its own PoE switch, as it is it’s own separate building.

I’ve found maps of both of our Alternative School and of our new Field House.  I’ve uploaded both and have marked the switch locations with a circle.  See below:

  • The intercom system at our Hancock Middle School location is a Rauland Borg TC2100 TELECENTER SYSTEM.
  • At the three elementaries East Hancock, South Hancock and West Hancock a cable will have to be ran to each of the classrooms for the phones.