Denise Ladner has served as the Director of Finance for the Hancock County School District for 6 years. Prior to moving into administration, Denise taught for 15 years and served as department chair for electives. During her years in the classroom, she also coached basketball and volleyball along with sponsoring Future Business Leaders of America. Denise holds a B.S. degree in accounting from USM and a master’s in education from William Carey.

As a teacher, Denise loved the days she was able to witness “the light bulb going off” when a student that was struggling was finally able to master the lesson being taught. She moved into administration with the hopes of being able to help all the students of Hancock County, not just the ones at the high school.

As much as Denise loved the classroom, her true passion is sports. She believes that sports are not only important for the body, but also teaches so many life lessons. She has spent many years either coaching or spectating from the sidelines and it is for this reason, you can always find her at an athletic event or two during the season.

Denise is from Long Beach, MS and has two sons that both attended Hancock. Devin is a 2018 graduate and is currently a Diesel Marine Mechanic. Ryan, a 2022 graduate, will be attending East MS Community College on a baseball and academic scholarship.

Denise Ladner
Director of Finance

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Accounts Payable

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Payroll & Insurance