What hours are Paper’s tutors available?
Paper’s tutors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

How do students use Paper?
Students will log in to Paper through Clever. From there students will create their own log in and password (they can even create an avatar). Paper automatically knows their classes, and will ask whether the student needs help with a specific class. Students also have the option to type a question into the chat, pick a specific subject to ask a question about, or select “ask any tutor”. Students can type their questions, upload screenshots of their work, or upload the homework teachers assigned to them.

Can students use Paper on their phone?
If students are able to log in on a desktop computer, that is the better experience. However, it is possible to log in through a mobile browser and receive help that way from Paper’s tutors.

How does Paper select its tutors?
Paper’s expert tutors provide 24/7 homework help, writing feedback, and study support for every subject, at every level. Paper’s tutors are:

  • Screened, aptitude-tested, and trained;
  • High-performing college students or graduates;
  • Culturally diverse and multilingual;
  • Efficient and clear communicators;
  • Approachable, supportive, and patient;
  • Trained in Socratic instruction, not to simply give answers.

How are students matched with tutors?
Students are connected to a tutor in an average of 30 seconds. A smart-matching algorithm ensures that every student is connected to a tutor that matches their academic needs.

Is a student’s teachers kept in the loop?
Absolutely! Teachers have visibility into every essay, session, and group chat their students have on Paper in real-time. By seeing where students need support outside of class, teachers can pinpoint learning gaps and offer more targeted instruction. Monthly reports provide teachers with a synopsis of their students’ activity on Paper, including usage rates and the concepts they’ve asked about.

Does Paper protect a student’s privacy?
Paper follows strict adherence to federal and state-specific data privacy laws such as COPPA, FERPA, CSDPA, and IAL-NDPA. Paper is a signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge and a member of A4L’s Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC). For privacy reasons, video conferencing is not an option for students and tutors.